Do you want to secure a valuable business – also on the long run? Then it will require analysis of the team members and management development.

How competent is the management and how well is it utilized?

No matter what stage a business is in, it’s not sufficient with a good business idea and a market to succeed in creating a business that attract investors. It is also determined – and perhaps primarily – whether the company has the right management team.

One way to establish a management team and to try to attract the desired capital is to use gut feelings and intuitive practices. Another way is to systematically clarify existing competences – individually and as a team – and hereafter set up a goal oriented management development process based on the specific knowledge.

This will strengthen managements ability to document and match the requirements to attract the needed capital.

Value2Investment is a tailor-made clarification and development process for companies wishing to strengthen management, so good business ideas don’t capsize due to a deficient management team.

This ensures both the company and the investors.

Different phases – Different needs for goal-oriented Management Development

Value2Investment is tailored for 3 different phases of business. Due Diligence, Consolidation and Expansion.

Due Diligence: Through personality assessments of the management team and goal-oriented coaching, you can clarify and utilize the teams individual strengths. You can target which skills need to be strengthened, and you get a better knowledge basis for adjustments and making decisions.

Consolidation: A structured and goal-oriented team development process incl. team assessments and ongoing coaching strengthen your management and your management cooperation. You can develop from being entrepreneurs to professional executives.

Expansion: Combined management and team coaching based on both self-analysis, stakeholder- and organizational analysis ensures that the common management practices follow the development of the company and that you can live up to the evolving demands.
Stein-Beck cooperates with Living Leadership to provide the best combination of competence analysis and goal-oriented Management Development.