Personality assessments

Personality assessments can be used for many purposes – we use it in connection with:
• Recruitment
• Team Building
• Development of Managers

A personality assessment is an internal development tool and the result is a confidential document between the tested person and our consultant. We give the test person a thorough oral feedback and a report that summarizes the outcome.

For recruitment and Management Development, we use “Wave”, a personal profile test developed by Saville Consulting, often combined with a proficiency test. The result of the test is included in an overall report for each of the candidates including results of the interviews and references.

Wave is one of the more extensive personality assessments, and it has high forecast value. We always follow up with our customers a while after a recruitment. Their feedback is that the report they receive on the candidate they have chosen is very accurate in terms of their personal qualifications. Our own “proof” of the result is that we have a hit rate of over 96%. See more about our hit rate here.

All in all, it is a powerful tool that also can be used for personal- and management development as well as for the optimization of cooperation among employees, management and board of directors.

For team development, we use “The Whole Brain Technology®”, a personality style assessment developed by Herrmann International, based on the physiological knowledge of the brain and its thinking preferences. See more about Whole Brain here.