Select the right employee the first time!
If one ignores the direct costs of a recruitment, calculations show that it typically costs 3 to 12 months’ wages before a new employee is proficient.

To avoid the classic recruitment mistake – to hire based on professional qualifications and to fire on basis of the personal qualifications – we put a lot of emphasis on assessing the latter. We evaluate the position and the corporate culture, including management and employees. We assess which personal skills are the most necessary. Through interviews and personality tests, we select the candidates who will be the best match for the company.

We have experience in recruiting for administrative jobs, technical positions, middle management, and top management. Industry wise, we cover a broad range. For example, production companies, wholesalers, municipalities, NGO’s and schools.

Our task is not only finding the right candidate for the company. If the match is to be the best possible, it is also important that the company is the right one for the candidate. Therefore, we also consider the candidate’s professional and personal desires and goals in relation to what the job has to offer.

If you wish, we can take on the entire recruitment process, but we recommend that you only use us as a sparring partner along the way, as well as for the final assessments of the top candidates. In this way, you avoid paying for services that you can perform yourself and utilize our skills in the more specialized and critical areas.

With this starting point, our part of the recruitment process typically consists of:

  • Analysis of the company and the position together with the management
  • Test of the top candidate(s)
  • Composing a conclusion, which contains
    • An assessment of the top candidates’ abilities and behavior in relation to what the customer is looking for.
    • Areas of attention that management must focus on
    • Suggestions for reference questions
    • Suggestions for questions in connection with a follow-up interview
    • Recommendation for framework and management that motivates the candidate to do her/his best.

Our tests consist of a personality and behavior assessment as well as a skills tests. Sometimes we also prepare a practical task/simulation related to the specific job. A recruitment process is the company’s reputation outward, also when using a recruitment agency. Therefore, we treat the candidates, as you would want to be treated if it was you who applied for a job.

Test instruments
We work with style- and personality assessments, and different proficiency tests. In some cases, we will also perform a simulation – a test designed for the specific tasks.

When recruiting we use the personality assessment as an instrument to get a good insight into the individual’s mind and abilities. The result of the assessment is, in combination with the result of the interview of the candidate, a part of the final report for each of the top candidates.

When we work with personality assessments as an internal development instrument, the profile report is a confidential document between the tested person and our consultant. We provide both a thorough oral feedback as well as a printed report for the person in question.