Recruiting – brochure in English

Choose the right candidate the first time round!

Calculations show it is typical that new colleagues costs 3-12 months wages before they have
earned their own wages back. Therefore, the importance of choosing the right candidate the first
time cannot be underestimated.
In order to avoid the classical recruiting mistake – to hire on basis of the academic- and fire on
basis of the personal qualifications – we put significant emphasis on the latter.

The Process
We have very good success in recruiting managers and other employees, who meet both the
academic as the personal qualifications we expect of them. Our recruiting process consists of:

  • Analysis of the position and of the company
  • Preparation of and advertising the job
  • Selection and interviews
  • Personality assessment tests and references
  • Potentially a simulation (a practical test of the top candidates)
  • A conclusion for each of the top candidates, with recommendations and highlights of the
    areas, which demand special attention. This is also a good guidance tool in relation to
    management of the chosen colleague.

We also often support our customers with a selected part of the recruiting process – i.e. support in
the last phase: Performing personal assessment tests of the top candidates, where we supplement
with a nuanced basis for decision on who will be the best candidate for the job. In this way, our
customers receive an upgrading of the recruiting process with a limited economical investment.

Assessment Tools
When recruiting, the result and evaluation of the personal assessment test is included in the final
report for each of the top candidates.
We always give the tested candidates a thorough verbal feedback and a copy of a report, specially
targeted for the candidate.
A Personality Assessment Test is a valuable tool, which we use when recruiting, as well as when
developing individuals and teams. We also work with Personality Style Tests and Skill Tests within
the areas numerical, verbal, diagrammatical, error control and spelling.

About us
Our top competences lie within the People Business. We take pride in always doing our work
thoroughly in a systemic context.
A recruiting process is a part of the company’s public face, also when an external recruiting bureau
is used. Therefore we always treat the applicants, as you yourself would like to be treated, if it was
you applying for the job.
Our task is not only finding the right candidate for the company. In order to get the best possible
match, it is also important that the company is the right one for the candidate – this is therefore
also is included in our evaluation throughout the recruiting process.