For Freelancers

Be an independant contractor and salary-earner at the same time – i.e. when you have found a client, but wish to maintain your status as salary-earner. Salary-earner status can be an advantage, above all, in connection with supplementary unemployment payment, and that you may then count your working time in order to fulfil the demands of the Unemployment Fund.

When you solve your freelance business via Stein-Beck – we take care of the juridical and the economical responsibilities, and you maintain all your advantages as salary-earner.

As freelancer, you make the agreement with your client regarding the price, and leave it to Stein-Beck to draw up the contract, pay the salary, holiday payment and social expenses, as well as writing of invoices.

Before entering your first freelance agreement, you receive assistance in acquainting yourself regarding price levels and costs.